"Educating all students in a safe, positive environment through rigorous standards to develop productive members of society."

There will be a public meeting to discuss the American Rescue Plan, Safe Return to Learn Plan for the district. The meeting will be Wednesday, June 16th at 10:00 am in the elementary cafeteria. 

Ketchum District



 During this difficult time, it can be very stressful for many children and adolescents.  If your child or family member is in need of services, please click on the link below and submit a referral to Grand Lake Mental Health and someone will be in touch with you soon.    https://www.glmhc.net/referral-form_id112

Education is far more than a single score or letter grade, but it is important that families and communities can see both strengths and areas that need support and improvement. Following is the link for school report cards as required by ESSA

OIG hotline:  Fraud prevention  Office of Inspector General - US Dept. of Education

OPAA! is currently looking for substitute workers.