Bus Routes & Rules


Riding a school bus is a privilege and the privilege may be revoked for not abiding by the bus rider rules. This also includes riding the bus to lunch. (The bus rider rules are a part of the student enrollment packet). Disciplinary action for misconduct on the school bus will be taken. The bus rules are as follows:

1) Board the bus in an orderly manner.

2) Remain seated at all times.

3) Keep arms, hands, head, and all other body parts inside the bus.

4) Do not throw anything out of the bus windows.

5) Do not throw anything inside the bus.

6) Do not block the bus aisle.

7) Do not curse or use provocative words or gestures.

8) Do not shout or make loud noises.

9) Do not bring objects that are prohibited at school onto the bus. Items include: aerosol cans, umbrellas, balloons, lighters, lasers, cameras, cell phones, knives, guns.

10) Keep hands, feet, & all objects to self.

11) No pushing, tripping or fighting on the bus.

12) No eating, drinking, smoking, or littering on the bus.

13) If the driver uses assigned seating, students must occupy that seat.

14) Students should be on time at their designated bus stop.

15) Classroom conduct must be observed while on the bus.

16) Cell phone use is not permitted on the bus.

17) Do not destroy any part of the school bus.

18) Remember the driver is the authority on the bus; he/she should be obeyed at all times.

19) Notify the bus driver of any additional friends riding the bus on a given day

20) A note from the office must be presented by the student to the bus driver anytime

additional friends ride the bus or any time a student is to be dropped off at a site different from his or her assigned stop.


1st Step: Bus driver handles the problem. (warning)

2nd Step: Discipline form to the office to be sent home for parent signature.

3rd Step: Student will be removed from the bus for 1 week.

4th Step: Student will be removed from the bus for 1 month.

5th Step: Student will be removed from the bus for remainder of year.