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Ebsco Host is a collection of searchable databases that contains full text articles. This resource is provided by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. You don't have to sign in to find text from many sources. See Mrs. Woods in the library for help or more information.

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Oklahoma Libraries

Digital Prairie OK

All students will have a Chromebook and a case checked out to them. These Chromebooks and cases are district property and must be treated with care. Each student is assigned a school gmail and is expected to only use that email on their Chromebook. Any problems with the Chromebook should be brought to the attention of Mrs. Woods in the library. Chromebooks should only be used to complete assignments, participate in classroom activities, or to research topics assigned by a teacher.

Each student pays a nominal fee each year for the use of the Chromebook. This is not an insurance that will cover physical damage. It will cover any problems with the battery or the maintenance of the computer. Students and their parents will be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing anything caused by carelessness, misuse, or physical abuse to the Chromebook or the case. Broken screens will be replaced at the cost of $25 for the Dells; HP screens cannot be replaced. Chargers and cases must be replaced if lost or damaged. The costs range from $25-$50.