Military 101


  • The Navy ROTC program offers up to $180,000 for tuition plus a host of other advantages, like additional education and lab fees, textbooks and a monthly stipend. While in the program, students learn leadership and skills from a Navy perspective and take a naval science course each semester.

  • Students participate in drills once a week and are required to wear their Navy uniform once a week as well as participate in community service projects. The program trains college students for their upcoming career as a Navy officer.

  • Another highligh for NROTC studnts is Summer Cruise Training, where students spend a portion of their summers alongside Navy officers in the fields of nuclear power, afloat aviation, ashore aviation and foreign exchange possibilities.


Boot camp: Eight weeks

Length of Service: If a reciient of an NROTC scholarship, five years of active duty.

Oklahoma Navy ROTC Programs: University of Oklahoma (main campus)


If you like hard work and extreme conditions and can handle a bit of seasickness, the Marine Corps could be the branch for you. Besides Semper Fi, the military tuition assistance offered by the Marine Corps means you could pay nothing for college as long as you are on active duty.

As an active-duty Marine, up to 100 percent of college expenses can be covered through programs like kTuition Assistance, the Post 9-11 GI Bill and th eMarine Corps College Fund. Select Marines also could earn degrees through the College Degree Program, which has both a four- and two-year opportunity to earn master's degrees and law degrees under the Advanced Degree Program, Special Education Program and Funded Law Program, all of which are partially funded by the Marine Corps.


Boot camp: 12 weeks

Length of service: Officers must serve two years of active duty if they are a recipient of college tuition. Tuition is available only to those in active duty.


The Coast Guard is a small branch of the military, but perfect for those seeking adventure in areas of search and rescue, aquatic rescue, law enforcement and pollution control. The Coast Guard does offer tuition assistance, sometimes up to 100 percent, for hose seeking a degree. Although it does not have a typical ROTC program, it does have the CSPI program that provides scholarships and education for service members.

In exchange for the CSPI benefits, you agree to attend Officer Candidate School and serve for three years on active duty in the Coast Guard.


Boot Camp: Seven weeks

Length of Service: If a recipient of the CSPI scholarship, service is four years of active duty.


The Air Force is a master at aeial warfare, technolog and execution, and it can help you ge thte degee you need.

The Air Force ROTC program offers competitive scholarships that pay for tuition, but also a monthly stipend. Englisted airmen can pursue a commision in nearly 1,000 schools with Air Force ROTC programs. ROTC programs mean you can take the classes you want at the college you want to attend, get college credit for Air Force ROTC courses and ge the opportunity to delay active-duty entry to pursue a graduate degree.


Boot camp: Eight weeks

Length of service: If a recipient of an Air Force ROTC scholarship, service is four years of active duty.


Through classes and field training, Army ROTC provides students iwth training to be an Army officer while attending college. With money for tuition and discipline training, the benefits of serving with the Army also include medical coverage and vacation time.

Those wanting to enroll in Army ROTC must first take an ROTC basic elective course. Based on grades and test scores, ROTC members can complete for two-, three-, four- year scholarships that pay tuition, room and board and books. Scholarships, hoewever, do mean service later.


Boot camp: Nine weeks

Length of Service: If you receive an ROTC scholarship, the time to serve is eight years.