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Ketchum Elementary is one of many schools across the world that has adopted the RCA Inspired House System model.From July 9-10th, staff members from Ketchum Elementary attended RCA’s inaugural RCA Houses Conference. At the conference, Ketchum Elementary was one of several awardees recognized for its extraordinary implementation of RCA’s House System model during the Academy’s 2nd Annual RCA Inspired House System Awards. In front of all event attendees, the school was announced as the 2021 Ultimate House of the Year - House of Revere, International Altruismo House of the Year, and International Isibindi House of the Year. and presented with a commemorative championship belt and banner.

Ketchum Elementary

Marlo Lee



Loretta Lancaster

Administrative Assistant


Susie Weeks



404 N. Boston

PO Box 720

Ketchum, OK 74349