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Oklahoma State Law provides that all eligible children must attend school.  Each student who is absent from the building any period of the school day must report to the office as soon as he/she returns to school.  The guardian will be notified of truancy after the 4th absence in any subject during a four-week period and after the 8th absence in a semester.  After the 8th absence, parents will be turned over to the authorities for truancy. This will include a list of the absences and the documented reasons for the student not attending class.  Students who are sick, have doctor's appointments, etc., are considered absent since they are not in school.  In order to receive an excused absence, an official notification from a medical clinic or doctor must be turned in to the office.  No more than 5 doctor notes will be excused per semester.  Parents should send a note of explanation for any other type of absence with the child when he/she returns to school so the office can document it.  ALL absences are counted against students who are not in school, unless they are representing the school or attending a school activity.  Parents may ask for individual consideration of excessive absences by contacting the principal.  The principal will schedule an attendance meeting with the guardian(s) and teacher(s).


Students are not permitted to leave campus or a school activity unless accompanied by a parent/guardian and then they must be checked out through the school office.  The office will write a tardy slip if they are just arriving or dismiss the student early from class over the intercom system.  Students will not be dismissed until a guardian arrives at the school: no phone dismissals will be allowed.   Three tardies or early dismissals equal one absence and if a student is gone more than half a class period, they will receive an absence for that class. This will count as one of the eight days mentioned in the attendance policy.  Any student who is frequently late or checking out early can be disciplined at the discretion of the principal. Students on buses arriving late will not be counted tardy.


Make up work is expected for all absences.  The student is also responsible for the daily work and the deadlines that coincide with the make-up work.  If a student is absent, it is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to check with each teacher upon his/her return regarding work missed.  Assignments can be gathered before an absence if a parent calls by 10:00 a.m. in order to give the office time to collect work from the teacher(s).  This work can be picked up at 2:00 or later.  If a parent calls after 10:00 a.m., they can pick the work up the next day.  A student will have one day to make up work missed for each day of absence.  In cases of suspensions, work missed must be turned in upon returning to school.  Any work turned in late will receive partial credit and any work not made up by the end of a two-week period will receive a zero.


School closing due to inclement weather or other reasons will be announced over the following T.V. stations, school website (weather permitting) and  the SchoolWay App.

KJRH - Channel 2 KOTV - Channel 6 KTUL - Channel 8 Fox 23

Parents are urged to work out a standard procedure for their child to follow if school closes early and to make sure they thoroughly understand the plan.  It is nearly impossible for all children to call their parent during such a time.  Parents are asked to give the school emergency instructions and phone numbers for this type of situation.


The office telephone is to be used for business or emergency calls only.  Students and teachers will not be called to the telephone during class period unless it is an emergency.  Messages will be taken by the office and delivered to students or teachers before they leave school.  Students are not allowed to use any school telephone without permission from a teacher or administrator.  Parents are encouraged to call teachers during their planning period, before school, or after school to visit about a student.


Items needed to enroll in Ketchum Elementary School include a state registered birth certificate, up-to-date immunization record, proof of residency (water bill, electric bill), Social Security Number, Enrollment form; and if applicable, a Sooner Care card and CDIB Indian card.


All parents and/or visitors are required to report to the office when coming to school for any purpose. Students are not permitted to have student visitors in classes.  If, for any reason, you must pick up your student before scheduled dismissal time, you must check the student out in the school office.  Parents should report immediately all changes in home telephone numbers, home addresses, and names and telephone numbers of persons to be contacted if a student is ill or hurt.


All doors will remain locked at all times except for the main entrance to the Principal’s office which will be unlocked at 8:00 a.m. daily. The entrance to the cafeteria and the bus drop off door will be unlocked from 8:00 a.m. until after the bell rings. No student should be in the building before or after school hours on school days except under the direct supervision of a teacher or other school employee.  This includes the gymnasium and other out buildings.  When starting a new school year, parents are welcome to assist their students to establish a routine before school. However, after the first few days of school, we ask that all “goodbyes” be said at the classroom door. Ketchum Elementary is making all efforts to provide the safest environment for your children by minimizing & managing hallway traffic.  We also feel it encourages our students to become more independent and responsible young citizens.


During each semester, the school will conduct emergency procedure drills, which include fire, tornado and building lockdowns.  The principal will file a written statement of date, time, and type of drill conducted.


It is the policy of Ketchum Elementary that a student must be fever free, without the aid of medication, for 24 hours before attending school.


It is the policy of Ketchum Elementary School to distribute medicine only when a physician or parent feels that it is necessary during school hours, written permission must be given in order for the school to distribute medication.  Prescription medicines need to be sent in the original container with the student’s name on it, with directions stating when to give medicine and the dosage, along with written permission.  Ketchum Elementary DOES NOT provide over-the-counter medicines such as Children’s Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Tums, Topical Neosporin, Eye Wash, Cough Drops, etc.  It is the responsibility of the parent to provide any over the counter medicines and medical pre-filled device such as inhalers, epi-pens, etc. to the school office for a student to use during school hours.


The parent or legal guardian of any student shall be notified if a teacher or an administrator becomes aware of a contagious health problem such as head lice, scabies, smallpox, hepatitis A, meningococcal meningitis, etc.  A child with a contagious health problem will not be allowed to attend school until a health official has determined that the child is no longer contagious.  If efforts to resolve the problem through consultation with the parents are not successful, the administrator will consider referring the matter to the Department of Human Services or the District Attorney’s Office.


Any child afflicted with fleas or lice shall be prohibited from attending school until a health official has determined that the child is bug free.  This includes fleas, brown nits, white nits, and live bugs.  Absences from school will NOT be considered valid excuses and will count against the student’s attendance record.  

When a child is suspected of having bugs, school personnel will check the child.  If the child does have bugs, the siblings of the child will also be checked.  There may also be times that the entire class or entire school may be checked.  Upon determination, the parent or guardian shall immediately be called to come and get the child.  The child WILL NOT be readmitted to school without a Health Professional’s release form stating the child IS COMPLETELY FREE AND CLEAR OF ALL FLEAS, LICE AND NITS. Also, the child will not be allowed to attend an extracurricular activity such as basketball games, cheerleading, dances, parties, field trips, etc…

In order to be readmitted to school, the parent must bring the child to the office with the Heath Professional’s release form.  The child MAY NOT RIDE THE BUS TO SCHOOL until they have been readmitted.  If a student has recurring problems, the office personnel may contact the Department of Human Services or The District Attorney’s Office.


Ketchum Schools is striving to take the best care of our students to and from school every day.  The school asks that you please arrange a daily routine for your child so he/she will know what to expect on a daily basis.  We cannot stress to parents the importance of this structure for children.  It is requested that your child bring a note from home to the teacher each time the after school routine is different.  If you must call to let us know of a change in schedule, we make announcements for these changes by 3:00 daily.  We cannot guarantee that a message will be delivered if we are notified after 3:00.  We understand that emergencies do arise, but it is very important that the school be contacted immediately to avoid any confusion on transportation. For the safety our students, parents/adults are not allowed to board the bus during a bus route. Any problems or issues that need addressed should be done so through the elementary office.  Remember: Riding a school bus is a privilege and that privilege may be revoked for not abiding by the bus rider rules. Rules are listed at the end of the handbook.  Disciplinary action for misconduct on the school bus will be taken.   


Breakfast and lunch is provided at the school cafeteria for the benefit of all students. The cafeteria will begin serving breakfast at 8:05 and the lunches will be served on a staggered schedule starting at 11:00.  POP IS NO ALLOWED IN THE CAFETERIA.  Students are encouraged to behave respectfully at the lunch table.  We encourage proper table manners, inside voices and responsibility in food choices and cleanliness.

Lunch prices will be examined annually and our lunch records are balanced daily, weekly, and monthly.  Extra milk and juice cartons may be purchased in the cafeteria.  Breakfast and lunch money can be pre-paid into a child’s meal account, which is the preferred method. A monthly menu will be sent home showing the amount that will need to be pre-paid for the month.  Any student with an outstanding balance will have a notice sent home.  Please do not allow your student’s charges to accumulate.  The charge limit for a student is $20.00.   Accounts over the charge limit will result in an alternative lunch.  This lunch will consist of milk and peanut butter crackers.  Lunches from home are permissible.

Students whose families meet State Department guidelines may receive free or reduced school lunches.  For additional information contact your building principal’s office.


Progress Reports are issued midway through the nine weeks and after the 1st and 3rd nine weeks. Report cards will be given at the end of each semester.  The cumulative semester grade is recorded on the permanent record. Parents should not hesitate to phone or visit the school in case of unsatisfactory work on the part of any student.


Grades shall be recorded as follows:  A, B, C, D, F, N, S, U, and I for grades 2 – 5.  Any incomplete work not turned in within 2 weeks after the close of the semester becomes an F.  In addition, on the 9th absence in any subject, the student will receive an F in that subject on their semester grade.

A = 90% - 100% D = 60% - 69% S = Satisfactory M = Modified

                    B = 80% - 89%         F = 59% and below U = Unsatisfactory N = Not at Grade Level

C = 70% - 79% I = Incomplete


Students having straight A’s on their grade card for the semester will be on the Superintendent’s Honor Roll.  Students with A’s and B’s on their report card for the semester will be on the Principal’s Honor Roll.


Whenever a teacher or teachers recommend that a student be retrained at the present grade level or not passed in a course, the parent or guardian, if dissatisfied with the recommendation, may appeal the decision by complying with the district’s appeal process.  The decision of the board of education shall be final.  The parent may prepare a written statement to be placed in and become a part of the permanent record of the student stating the reason(s) for disagreeing with the decision of the board.  An option would be to allow students failing a grade to attend summer school at their own expense and upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed courses, be promoted.  


The state has mandated that students have the opportunity to be promoted or receive credit for classes through taking proficiency tests.  A student who can pass a proficiency tests with 90% can be promoted or receive credit.  The tests are comprehensive and extremely difficult.  Individual tests may only be taken once per testing period.


Ketchum Elementary 4th & 5th grade students are allowed to try out for academic bowl team.  To be eligible to try out, a student must have been on the Principal’s honor roll the previous year and maintain a passing grade of at least a B in all subjects. In the event a student’s grade falls below a B, they will be put on 2 week probation. If the grade is not at least a B by the end of the 2 weeks, that student will be removed from the academic bowl team. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times during school, practice, and meets by academic bowl members and can be cause for removal from the team. Attendance at practice is essential and excessive absences can also result in removal.


Beginning in September and ending in April, tutoring will be offered Monday through Thursday of each week from 3:30 – 4:20. A bus will be provided for transportation home. There are two drop off locations where parents can meet the bus; LakeSport (Mazzio’s) and Langley City Park. If your child will not be riding the bus a parent will be responsible for transportation of their student.  If a parent is repeatedly late in picking up a student from tutoring, the student can be removed from the program.  


All students may be administered a full battery of standardized achievement tests in the spring of each school year.  The school may choose to test additional classes and students.  Results will be shared with parents.  Individual testing of a student for special services will be performed when the educational team recommends it and when written parent/guardian permission is obtained.  


Ketchum Public School has established a Pre-Kindergarten program for in-district children. Students must be 4 years old by Sept. 1 to enroll in the program.  There are two full-day classes.  Before enrolling in the pre-school program, children must meet the current immunization regulations and parents must provide copies of a birth certificate, insurance information, social security card & CDIB card (if applicable). All students should be “potty trained”, with the exception of a special needs child. There can be no more than 20 students per class due to state mandates.  Any additional enrollees will be placed on a waiting list.  To insure that the district’s Pre-Kindergarten program is available for students within the Ketchum School District, transfers from outside the district will be placed on a waiting list.  The teacher will hand out progress reports indicating whether the child is meeting the State’s suggested standards.  Pre-Kindergarten students will follow the same attendance policy as the older elementary students.  Excessive absenteeism will result in dismissal from the program.  Parents will be notified when a child is nearing excessive absences.  A child who cannot comply with the classroom rules, which are developmentally appropriate, will also be removed from the program.  It is the recommendation of the Ketchum District that parents of Pre-Kindergarten students make transportation plans for their students.  Most of the buses routes are long and crowded and do not best serve the needs of pre-school aged children. Bus routes will not be available for pre-k students until August 24th.


Ketchum Elementary nutritional policy follows the federal and state mandates. All snacks served to elementary students must meet the nutritional guidelines in that policy. Snacks that do not meet these standards will not be consumed and returned home. A list of healthy snack choices will be provided to you on parent night. You may review the nutritional policy by contacting our child nutrition director.


Parents are welcome to attend snack time during celebrations such as holiday or birthday parties. However, parents/adults ARE NOT allowed in the classroom during daily snack time. If you are bringing snacks for your student, please leave them in the office and they will be taken to the classroom for you.


Elementary class parties will be up to the teacher’s discretion and all arrangements should be made through each classroom teacher. Celebrations may be held for events such as:  Monthly Birthday Parties, Thanksgiving Parties, Christmas Parties, Valentine's Day Parties, Easter Parties, and End of Year Parties.


Field trips are a reward as well as a learning experience, therefore; students may lose the privilege of attending such trips if they have received multiple discipline notices, have incomplete work, have been suspended at anytime during the school year, have in excess of 8 absences during a semester or any other record of irresponsibility.  To participate in an activity during or after school hours, a student must be present in classes the day of the event.  Students at school sponsored off-campus events shall be governed by school district rules and regulations and are subject to the authority of school district officials.  If a student leaves an event early, the child will be considered checked out of school. Students are required to be transported to the field trip by school transportation but may ride home with their parents upon checking them out with a school official. School aged siblings will receive an unexcused absence from their own class(es) if they attend other grade level field trips.  


Any financial obligations incurred during the school year must be satisfied before enrolling for the following school year or before school records will be forwarded to another district.  These would include:  lunch charges, overdue library fines, lost or damaged textbook fines, lost school uniform, or equipment damage.


Each student will be assigned a desk or locker for the keeping of books, supplies, and clothing.  Each student is responsible for his/her desk or locker and must keep them clean inside and outside.    Desks and lockers are considered school property; therefore, school officials may make searches at any time.


Students are not allowed to carry cellular devices or electronics at school. All cell phones will be confiscated and kept in the office until the end of the day. A phone call to parents will also be made. If a second incident occurs, the device will be kept in the office until a parent can pick it up.


Students of Ketchum Elementary School are expected to dress appropriately and neatly and to conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect favorably on themselves, their family, and their school.  Students will not be allowed to wear shorts to school after the fall break, but may begin wearing them to school following spring break.  If biker shorts are worn, a second pair of shorts must be worn over them.  Pants, shorts, and skirts must fit around the waist.  Shoes with cleats or skates are not allowed.  Shirts must extend below the waist and expose no skin.  Hats/visors for boys or girls are not acceptable in the building.  Flip flop shoes will not be permitted at school.  Clothes having suggestive or unpatriotic words or symbols, or drug, alcohol, or tobacco advertising are not to be worn to school.  Hair color & styles and body piercing determined to be distractive to the educational process are not permitted.  Students in the 4th & 5th grade must wear a shirt over or under tank, halter, or spaghetti strap tops and when arms are to their sides, a dress, skirt, or shorts must extend below their fingertips.  Student’s names should be placed in all coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, and other items for identification purposes. Items not picked up by the last of school will be donated to a local shelter.


Each teacher will provide students with a copy of classroom rules at the beginning of each school year.  These rules will list the sequence of consequences the teacher intends to follow.  Parents will also receive a copy of these classroom standards.  Some forms of discipline the teacher might impose, depending on age appropriateness, include: missing snack, missing playtime or recess, missing PE, time out, detention, missing a school activity such as assemblies, parties, or field trips, or being sent to the principal’s office for in-school suspension, out of school suspension, or corporal punishment.  

In case of severe misbehavior, the class hierarchy or discipline procedure levels no longer apply and no warning is required.  The student will immediately be sent to the principal.  The student can receive detention, in-school suspension, out of school suspension, corporal punishment, or referral to other social agencies.  The principal will only give corporal punishment with verbal or written permission from the parent or guardian.


The general office procedure will apply to all infractions, unless the principal’s judgment determines the situation requires more or less discipline.  The principal is allowed to make adjustments in the discipline policy to fit individual student/school needs. Parents/guardians will be notified of every office visit.


When a student receives detention, it becomes the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to provide transportation to and from home.  Detention will be held every day at noon, or before or after school in the elementary office.  Students must report to detention on time and have pencil, paper, and work.  Students must serve detention on the assigned day.  If a student is absent from school on the assigned day, they will make it up on the day they return.  If a student is not absent from school and misses detention or is late for detention, the missed detention time will be doubled.

Days missed for in-school suspension are not counted toward total absences and work should be completed and turned in to the teacher that afternoon.  Days missed for out of school suspension are counted toward total absences, but work should still be completed and turned in to the teacher upon return.  Length of suspension will be determined by the administration.

In disciplining handicapped children, the disciplinarian will determine if the behavioral infraction is caused by the handicap and will take disciplinary action appropriate in consideration of the specific handicap(s).  If the behavior is unrelated to the child's handicap he/she will be treated the same as any other student subject to the same rules and requirements.


Profanity, obscene or vulgar language, insulting and abusive language will not be tolerated in the classroom, on the school premises, school bus, online, or school sponsored events toward either staff or other students.  Open defiance of school personnel will not be permitted or tolerated in the classroom, on the school premises, school bus, or school sponsored events.  A student will not be allowed to interfere with the teaching-learning process of the classroom.


Students are instructed to bring to school only those articles, which they need to use in school.  Pupils are not to bring articles to school, however harmless, that might distract them or others from their schoolwork.  Some examples include: Headphones, c.d. players, pagers, cell phones, toy weapons, water guns, fireworks, cap pistols, lighters, ammunition, etc.  Exceptions can be made for students who can show documentation of a medical necessity for any electronic devices. In the event electronic devices are taken from a student during school, the parents will be notified by phone. The second offense will result in confiscation of device and will be kept in the office until a parent or guardian can pick it up.

No dangerous weapons will be permitted on school grounds or any school sponsored function.  This includes guns, knives, ammunition, laser lights or other lethal instruments or any item, which might be used as a lethal weapon.  No one may use any article as a weapon to threaten or injure another person.  Ketchum Schools will define weapon or firearm according to the laws of Oklahoma.

Any student in this school district who uses or possess a weapon/firearm at school, at any school-sponsored event, or on school property including school transportation or school-sponsored transportation will be removed from school for not less than one full calendar year.



There is a basic right to attend school without being subjected to threat of injury or being intimidated in any fashion.  Incidents of assault, battery, extortion, or severe verbal intimidation are not acceptable at school or school-sponsored functions.  Any student, who interferes with, intimidates, harasses, or injures an employee or student of the Ketchum Public Schools, may be expelled from the school for the remainder of the semester (and possibly the following semester).  A conference will be held with the employee, student, parents, and administrator when the student asks for re-admission to school.  At this time, the administration will make the decision as to whether the student will be re-admitted. Any incidents of bullying should be reported to a staff member immediately and may be made anonymously.


Sale, distribution, use, or possession of non-intoxicating or alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, illegal drugs, marijuana, or other materials expressly prohibited by federal, state, or local laws is not permitted by students in school buildings, on school property, or at school functions.  The sale, distribution, or abusive use of prescription, patent, or imitation drugs is not permitted.  Further "drug paraphernalia” defined by laws of Oklahoma, is unlawful to use, possess, or distribute.  Violation of this policy will result in notifying parent Superintendent, AND law enforcement agencies immediately.  School officials will cooperate fully and student will be suspended for up to two (2) semesters.

These consequences will be imposed independently of court action.  In the event a student is suspended from school for chemical problems, the administration may require evidence that he/she has completed or is currently undergoing acceptable rehabilitation treatment before allowing the student to return to school.

Pupils shall not have any reasonable expectations of privacy toward school administrators or teachers in the contents of a school locker, desk, or other school property.  School administrators may search student’s personal belongings, such as purses, gym bags, and etc when there is reasonable cause.  School personnel shall have access to school lockers, desks, and other school property in order to properly supervise the welfare of pupils.  School lockers, desks, and other areas of school facilities may be opened and examined by school officials at any time and no reason shall be necessary for such search.


  1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

  2. Boys and girls should remove hats when inside the school building.

  3. Gum, sunflower seeds, and tobacco products are not allowed at school or on buses or field trips.

  4. Toys, trading cards and electronics are not allowed at school or on buses or field trips.  

  5. No trading or selling of items between students is allowed.  

  6. Students should bring only the money they need to school.  Extra money could be lost or stolen.

  7. Bicycles ridden to school must be parked upon arrival and must stay parked until the buses leave.

  8. Students should use good manners by using words like, "Please", "Thank-you", "Excuse Me", etc.  

  9. Students should practice honesty.  No lying or cheating.

  10. Students should treat others, as they would like to be treated.

  11. Students should play fair and abstain from name-calling.

  12. Students must maintain a clean work area in the classroom.

  13. Students should bring a note from parents to be excused from P.E. or recess due to an illness or injury.

  14. Observe library rules and be quiet while in the library.

  15. Take care of school property and equipment.  Do not mark on walls, furniture or books.

  16. Always stay with your group or class and in your assigned school area.

  17. Students must get permission for a restroom break during class time.

  18. Restrooms are not a place to play.  Students must help keep restrooms safe and clean.

  19. Students may not leave the playground without the teacher’s permission.

  20. If a student is unsure of a rule, it is his\her responsibility to ask a teacher or a staff member.


-Take turns on equipment.

-Never throw objects such as sticks, rocks, dirt, woodchips, etc.

-Do not go backwards, walk up & down the slide, or jump off of the slide.

-Do not play tackle or play contact sports of any kind.

-Do not climb on fences or go outside of fences.

-Do not play tag on the playground equipment.

-Do not jump out of the swings.

-Do not swing from side to side.

-Do not stand on any part of the see-saw equipment.

-No standing or walking across the top of the monkey bars.

-No cheerleader stunting.

-No pushing or grabbing other students.

-Respect trees and shrubbery.

-Do not ride on the back of another student.

-Kicking, grabbing, tackling, pushing, wrestling, biting, scratching, and spitting are absolutely forbidden. Even if you think you are playing!

-Report bullying to an adult immediately.

-Report any broken or dangerous equipment to an adult immediately.

DISCIPLINE ACTION: One warning will be given to students in the event they are not following playground rules. The second infraction will result in a discipline write up and setting out the remainder of the recess and/or the next recess. Any violation of these rules by a student that poses severe injury to another student will result in immediate discipline action in which discipline procedures will be handled by a school administrator.  


Students are not allowed to attend football, basketball, baseball, or softball games without adult supervision. Students who are dropped off at the front gate or doors will not be allowed to enter unattended. Students should remain seated in the gym and will not be allowed in the commons area unless they are in line at the concessions stand or using the restroom.


1) Board the bus in an orderly manner.

2) Remain seated at all times.

3) Keep arms, hands, head, and all other body parts inside the bus.

4) Do not throw anything out of the bus windows.

5) Do not throw anything inside the bus.

6) Do not block the bus aisle.

7) Do not curse or use provocative words or gestures.

8) Do not shout or make loud noises.

9) Do not bring objects that are prohibited at school onto the bus. Items include: aerosol cans, umbrellas, balloons, lighters, lasers,

    cameras, cell phones, bullets, knives, guns, electronic tablets….

10) Keep hands, feet, & all objects to self.

11) No pushing, tripping or fighting on the bus.

12) No eating, drinking, smoking, or littering on the bus.

13) If the driver uses assigned seating, students must occupy that seat.

14) Students should be on time at their designated bus stop.

15) Classroom conduct must be observed while on the bus.

16) Cell phone use is not permitted on the bus.

17) Do not destroy any part of the school bus.

18) Remember the driver is the authority on the bus; he/she should be obeyed at all times.

19) Unfortunately, because of high number of routine riders on our buses, additional riders will not be allowed.

20.) Students will not be allowed to temporarily switch buses or alternate between buses unless advanced arrangements have been made    

       with the office.            


1st Step: Bus driver handles the problem. (verbal warning)

        2nd Step:  Student will be sent to the office for discipline. Discipline slip will be sent home for parent signature and phone call to parents.

        3rd Step: Student will be removed from the bus for up to 1 week.

        4th Step: Student will be removed from the bus for up to 1 month.

5th Step:  Student will be removed from the bus for remainder of semester/year.